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Below are the prices for court hire for each membership

To find out more information about categories and pricing of memberships, please download and view our membership brochure in the tab “Contact Us”

Step 1.
The Court Hire Envelope will be located on the Court Hire A Frame

Fill out a White Envelope with your name/details on the outside with the Court Hire Amount inside.
By just filling out the envelope with your details, you will become a
Pioneer Associate Member.
We do rely on your honesty. Remember these courts are maintained by a volunteer organization for your enjoyment, please help them keep the facility for your enjoyment by doing the right thing.
Night Hire will require you to put the $10 in the envelope and follow Steps 2, 3, 4, 5 and then proceed to put 8 X $1.00 coins in the coin slot.
8 X $1.00 coins will mean you have 1 hr of light. Please note only $1 coins work and drop them directly down one, by one to stop jamming. If it does jam, please call
0429 837 414.

Step 2.
Put the envelope in the “letter opening” in the door adjacent to the Light Coin Box (Leisure St side of building).

Step 3.
Call the mobile number 0429 837 414. We will provide you with the Code to open the gate.
The code given will also open the toilet block. Please ensure the toilet door is closed when you finish using it.

Step 4.
Close the gate behind you whilst you play to ensure that other people do the right thing.

Step 5.
When you have finished playing, pull the door shut behind you.

Step 6.
If you would like to be a become a VIP member with Access 24/7 please check out how to do so on the notice board or the website. You can get Access 24/7 for a small fee for the year saving you potentially hundreds of $$$$.