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For all the competitive players out there. Individuals are graded onto a ladder. The player will receive 2 doubles and a singles on the night. ” btn_text=”more” target=”_self”][/lazy_load_box][/span3][span3][lazy_load_box effect=”slideup” delay=”400″][banner img=”wp-content/uploads/2011/09/boy-playing-tennis-1.jpg” banner_link=”/juniors/” title=”Juniors” text=”JUNIOR WEEKLY COMPS

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Welcome to our Pioneer Tennis


Pioneer Tennis aims to provide tennis for all ages and ability. The 14 hard court facility with 11 courts lit provides the Mackay community with regular weekly fixtures, coaching, court and venue hire.

With 4 full time coaches available to assist with coaching and coordinating programs such as the National Hot Shots Program, Cardio Tennis and an arrange of other social, interactive programs, they are sure to have a lesson plan that is right for you.

The club has a pro shop, tournament desk, canteen and shade areas, toilets/ shower facilities and is open to our members 24/7 through our new court access code system.

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